Open Source trends in 2009 – what’s new?

The beginning of the year marks the time for predictions and trend-spotting. Over on Infoworld, Zack Urlocker posts his Open Source trends for 2009:

  • More commercial Open Source
  • More experimentation with business models
  • More acquisitions
  • More power in the user community
  • More mainstream

The trends Zack predicts don’t strike me as being particularly new – but perhaps that’s a good thing really.

So, here are my five trends in Open Source for 2009:

  • Companies will increasingly look to Open Source as a way they think they can save money during the economic downturn (and maybe with the right sort of help they can)
  • Companies will increasingly look to Open Source as a way they think they can make money off of products that are already in the market but that nobody wants. Unfortunately, nobody will want them even if they are Open Source. Unless of course, they find someone to help – someone like these guys for example.
  • Companies offering Open Source products will realize that without a community – that actually loves and is enthusiastic about the software – they are nothing
  • Companies using Open Source will increasingly realize that this usage affects all parts of their organization and not just the developer geeks they thought they were safe from
  • Companies offering or engaging with Open Source will increasingly need someone to help them

And at least I hope the last one is true:-).

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