Predictions: Open Source Business Readiness Ratings – FAIL

A few years ago, SpikeSource, Carnegie Mellon West Center for Open Source Investigation and others decided that it was time to “gauge” the “readiness” of Open Source solutions for business usage. At the time even Tim O’Reilly was bullish on the whole idea:

..the initiative is one more signpost on the road that open source has taken from the hacker fringe into the mainstream of the technology business.

Now it seems that the initiative has failed – as Tim writes in the comments of the above post.

As I wrote at the beginning of 2006, some companies had this strange “vision” that they could suddenly become the Open Source service vendor overnight. Instead of looking to Open Source projects and people to build their business (as this company did and does for example), they created smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that really, they didn’t understand anything about Open Source.



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