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Steps to an internal Open Source strategy

When I go into a corporation or other organization to establish an internal Open Source strategy, the work generally follows the following steps (although they obviously need adapting to each additional organization). I talked about the steps during the Open Source strategy workshop earlier today:

  1. Establish the Open Source “baseline”
  2. Develop policies and guidelines to support and educate all parties
  3. Anchor the Open Source strategy within the organization
  4. Establish an internal Open Source “community”

I’ll talk about each point in more detail during additional posts.

It was interesting to see Ingo Schwarzer, CTO of DB Systel talk about the similar steps they are beginning to take to establish an Open Source strategy during this afternoon’s keynote at OSMB.


Open Source as part of the IT strategy – Workshop at OSMB

Only two weeks away from the yearly “Open Source Meets Business” conference in Nürnberg. The conference provides a good mix of topics if you’re interested in Open Source from a commercial perspective.

This year, I’ve been asked to participate in a workshop titled “Open Source as part of the IT strategy”. The workshop takes place on the 3rd day (Thursday) from 11:00-13:00. It is set out to be a session where we can discuss examples, best practices and “gotchas” of engaging with and utilizing Open Source.

Should be a very interesting session. If you’re going to be in Nürnberg and interested in chatting – then just drop me an email.