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Is this the hour of the citizen reporter?

This is the question the German online news site “Spiegel Online” is asking in an article on how people were able to quickly obtain news on the Hudson river plane crash. Slowly, even traditional media is waking up to the idea that maybe, just maybe, new ways of producing and consuming news have arrived and they should be thinking about how they can utilize them.

This is the reason we put the effort into building the NYOOZE platform. A white-label solution that both aggregates traditional news sources as well as tapping into citizen reporting via either a news upload, email-in or Twitter search. The important thing is being able to combine the different news sources to create a news-context.

“Just” having news on Twitter is not the right way to go. “Just” having news from a “traditional” journalist is also not the right way to go. But combining these in a single platform …..


Reflections on 2008: The changing face of local media

Apart from the consulting work we did last year, we also invested a major amount of time and money into building a product called NYOOZE. We need to update the information on the website – so I’ll refrain from linking there at the moment.

NYOOZE is now available in the first version and we are pitching it as a white-label product to news oriented media companies with a local focus (i.e. local or regional newspapers, radio stations etc.). We are also targeting brands who may have an interest in building news oriented communities around their brand – i.e. a brand that sponsors sporting events for example. NYOOZE is designed to either run standalone or be integrated into an existing site.

NYOOZE allows news aggregation, user-generated content upload, 2-way Twitter integration and has mobile clients – amongst other things.

It also allows editors to “push” news items to the top of the page or add their own teasers to a user-generated news item – etc.

We had originally planned on finding external financing for NYOOZE – but that didn’t work out – although we had quite a few pitches and talks with VCs. Now of course that route seems even less likely.

So, for the beginning of 2009 we are concentrating on finding customers interested in this form of a social-news application and we now think this is probably the better way to get things off the ground.

I’ll keep you posted.